Oh my goodness mamma I completely understand!

You are up at the crack of dawn getting your littles off to school, and making sure everything is ready for the day .You squeeze in your daily workout and then book it
out the door to your check up.  Not to mention, you are working on your birth plan and your normal day to day todos. You still squeak in a quick google search for a birth photographer.

You're crazy busy momma, and you have quite the list of things to do before baby gets here. 
Wouldn't it be nice to hand off some of your todo list, so you have a little free time?

Can I take a little off your plate?

I'm Brittani, I am so blessed to get to service mommas in the Idaho Treasure Valley who love documenting the most extraordinary moments of their lives.
I never though I would be a birth photographer, or any kind of photographer. I though I would be a pediatric oncologist or a famous chef. I even went to culinary school, the best thing I got out of it was my husband!
The day I gave birth to my daughter all I wanted to do was capture every little moment of her life. Five years later my little man was born and my world changed again, I started to develop an eye for catching little emotional connections between them through photography. Moments such as big sister walking into the room and little brother raising his hands to her in excitement, or the face sister makes when brother starts crying. 

After a while, I decided to be a family photographer and Key Moments Photography was born. I photographed families for 6 years and I loved it Then I saw my first birth story I cried, I knew right then that this was where I wanted to focus my business.

My own birth stories were not traditional, I couldn't feel contractions or dilate, so I had to have c-sections with both of my littles. As such I don't remember most of my birth experiences, which is why I love to help my clients capture this magic. Each parent has a unique birth story and I help them capture something they can cherish for the rest of their lives. 

I get and capture some of the most raw and powerful moments you can imagine.. 

Man I love my job!! 


Let me tell you a little more..

I am a Texas girl living in Middleton, ID
I met my husband in Culinary School (He is for sure the better cook)
I freaking love tacos!
I do Crossfit and Hot Yoga
I am terrified of snakes
I am allergic to eggs but I raise chickens! 
I love to laugh
We are sitting by the fire, hiking, swimming
kind of people.

Random Facts

My Birth Photography Bucket List

Breech at home 
In home water
Birthing Center

I am..

A sports Mom who get excited and yells in the stands!! (I love embarrassing my kids)

Extremely protective of my family.

A sing to the top of my lungs when no one is around kind of girl.